Odds and ends – Closeouts


Products below are closeouts, overstocks, limited quantities, non-standard colors, dye lot variations or custom items.


Notice: All purchases of sale items are final and limited to stock on hand; sale prices are shown;these items cannot be returned, exchanged or canceled.

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Blue/Green Blend
CC02 P
Price: $1.50
non-standard blend

Green/White Blend
CC04 P
Price: $1.25
non-standard item

Oak Blend Film
UA305 F
Price: $1.25
Available for a limited time

Light Grey
KW24 S
Price: $1.00
Outside of acceptable dye lot range

Coral Blend
TB878 P
Price: $1.00
Price: $1.00

Price: $1.00
Smoky Grey Blend
TB815/816 P
Price: $1.00