Halo stone


The beauty of natural stone, with the convenience of mesh-backed tile!


These beautiful stones are circular in shape and add style to any room.


Sheets are curved on all four sides, allowing them to fit together to produce a seamless surface area.  


Sheet size is approximately 1 square foot.


Small swatches cannot fully represent the beauty and diversity of natural stone; please order a full sheet if you would like a sample.  




Halo stone


Please note: Computer monitors vary in how they show color. Photographic lighting can also affect the look of tile. We strongly recommend ordering a sample sheet before placing an order.

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Denali Halo
STO 170
Price: $12.30
Barrow Halo
STO 171
Price: $12.30
Powder Grey Halo
STO 172
Price: $12.30
Snowshoe Hare Halo
STO 173
Price: $12.30
Beluga Grey Halo
STO 174
Price: $12.30
Orca Black Halo
STO 175
Price: $12.30

Moss Green Halo
STO 176
Price: $12.30
Wilderness Halo
STO 177
Price: $12.30
Kantishna Halo
STO 178
Price: $12.30
Arctic Tern Halo
STO 179
Price: $12.30