The Alchemy series has a variety and shapes, from large and small squares and rectangles of sizes per sheet in several color patterns.  The hand painted pattern, provide a dazzling look that is sure to gain attention in any area.  Create depth and shading in your kitchen, bathroom, or outdoor settings with the Alchemy glass tile mesh mounted sheets.


Tile size: Varies |  Sq. ft. per sheet: approx. 0.98


Minimum order of 15 sheets required


alchemy series glass mosaic tile


Please note: Computer monitors vary in how they show color. Photographic lighting can also affect the look of tile.

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Frisco mosaic tile has brown, maroon, and beige colors throughout
AY001 M
Price: $19.94
AY002 M
Price: $19.94
Black Sea
AY003 M
Price: $19.94
AY005 M
Price: $19.94
AY006 M
Price: $19.94