Hakatai’s experienced team of designers and mosaic artists can turn any drawing  or design into a hand-cut, hand-aligned, fine art glass or stone mosaic mural, waterjet marble backsplashes.

Each custom mosaic mural is a custom-designed work of art. The mosaicists have an unlimited palette of mosaic tile colors and types of tile to choose from, including Venetian glass tile, Smalti, gold leaf, marble and stone. This limitless selection of materials, in combination with excellent mosaic craftsmanship, allows for stunning simulations of the various textures, colors and detailed shadings in the original artwork.

Ideal for a wide range of commercial projects such as hotels, retail storeftonts, chain store logos, spas, shower stalls and restrooms.  Commercial custom glass mosaic mural pieces can make an artistic statement for any business or setting. 

For residential applications, custom glass mosaic tile murals can add elegance and sophistification and a personalized touch to the kitchen, wall space, bathroom, or pool area.

Whether you are looking for a commercial or residential setting, let us help you make your custom mosaic tile designs come to life with our mosaic mural capabilities.  

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