Odds and ends – Closeouts

The tile products below are closeouts, overstocks, limited quantities, non-standard colors, dye lot variations or custom items.  Some sheets will have imperfections, but are still quality glass tile.  Whether you are looking for budget friendly options to do a bathroom or kitchen backsplash, or mosaic craft project, you can find a few sheets/bags at very reasonable price for your DIY project. 

Our clearance glass tile bags and sheets weigh anywhere from 1 to 4 lbs. per item, and with multiple items shipping costs increase.  Often times, with the low discounted price of the tile, the shipping costs will be higher than tile price. 

Shipping costs are based on weight and destination.  For larger quantities of glass tile sheets or bags, please call or email for an actual shipping quote.  Shipments over 100 lbs. may qualify for shipping discounts. 

Notice: All purchases of sale items are final and limited to stock on hand; sale prices are shown;these items cannot be returned, exchanged or canceled.

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Evergreen Blend
SL310 M
Price: $0.25
Deep Discount Sale!
SL021 M
Price: $0.25
Deep Discount Sale! 
80 sheets left
SL104 M
Price: $0.25
Deep Discount Sale
100 sheets avail.
A photo of BH803 Chanterelle glass tile for kitchens and pools
Price: $1.00
114 sheets available
Coral Blend
TB878 P
Price: $0.25

FA210 M
Price: $0.25
non-standard item
Grey Blend Motif
Price: $0.25
Deep Discount Sale
700 sheets avail.
Topaz Blend Motif
Price: $0.50
Blowout Sale 50-60 sheets left!
Wheatfield Blend
Price: $1.00
Light Grey Liner
Price: $0.05
White Liner
Price: $0.05

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