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Hakatai Select series glass mosaics have a modern look and brilliant range of colors. Select tile is an economical alternative to thicker glass tile, while affording the same high quality. All tile have a glossy finish.


Blends are mesh-mounted for easy installation. Tile is approximately 1/8" thick. 


Tile size: approx. 7/8" x 7/8"  |  Sq. ft. per sheet: approx. 0.98


Select series standard blends

Please note: Computer monitors vary in how they show color. Photographic lighting can also affect the look of tile. We strongly recommend ordering a sample sheet or swatch card before placing an order.

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Evergreen Blend
SL310 M
Price: $1.00
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Bonny Blue
SL315 M
Price: $5.40
Gothic Blend
SL325 M
Price: $5.40
Cedarwood Blend
SL330 M
Price: $5.40
Select Sample Swatch
Price: $1.25
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Ultramarine Blend
SL320 M
Price: $5.40