If you have a surface that needs a pop of color and ribbons of golden shimmer, look no further than our Aventurine Glass Tile; this series is characterized by its rich, earth-to-sky toned colors and the gold-hued dust that shines and weaves randomly throughout each tile making it a standout choice for pools, kitchen back splashes, wall tiles and more.

Hakatai also offers this glass tile line in mesh-backed sheets and loose tile, making the applications almost endless. Artists and crafters can utilize these bold, beautiful colors on sculptures, mosaic stepping stones in the garden, bird  baths, drink coasters, school projects, community art murals, the list goes on…wherever your imagination goes, these glass tiles can go with you and bring your concepts into a gorgeous reality. 

Tile size: approx. 3/4" x 3/4"  |  Sq. ft. per sheet: approx. 1.15

 You can also use our online custom blend tool and custom gradient tool to create, price and order your own glass tile designs! 

Aventurine Series

Please note: Computer monitors vary in how they show color. Photographic lighting can also affect the look of tile. We strongly recommend ordering a sample sheet or swatch card before placing an order.

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Aventurine Swatch Card
Price: $2.00
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Maroon with gold swirls in Hakatai Aventurine mosaic tile
Price: $17.20
blue glass tile from the Aventurine tile series from Hakatai
Price: $17.20
Aventurine tile series Honey has a blend of light brown, clear colors mingling with copper swirls
Price: $17.20
Light brown glass tile from Aventurine tile series accented by copper swirls
Price: $17.20
Dark brown mosaic tile with copper tones from Hakatai Aventurine glass tile series
Price: $17.20

Elegant dark brown color from Hakatai Aventurine is a beautiful mosaic tile
Price: $17.20
Hakatai's Aubergine glass tile has a dark purple tone highlighted with metallic swirls
Price: $17.20
Cobalt Blue glass tile from Hakatai Aventurine series
Price: $17.20
Peridot from Hakatai's Averturine Series has beautiful copper swirls that mimic the Peridot gemstone
Price: $17.20
cream colored glass tile with copper swirls
Price: $17.20
light teal to green color tones
Price: $17.20

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