Affordable Tile Line

Our Classic Glass mosaic tile line is our top-selling glass mosaic tile.  This glass tile comes in a variety of different glass tiles that can support the basic glass tile color palette.  You can use this glass mosaic tile in a variety of settings from kitchen backsplashes, shower stalls, light residential floors, swimming pools, and as a wall covering.

The Classic Glass tile line can be used in both indoor and outdoor settings.  Classic glass tile is a 3/4" square tile that is 4mm thick and comes mesh mounted with 225 glass tile per sheet, sheets measuring 1.15 sq./ft..  Upon request, we can film face mount the glass tile for water submersion settings such as pools and spas. 

Glass mosaic tile can elevate any room with color and creativity in a home or commercial setting.  Using the Classic glass mosaic tile line can be a cost alternative to pricier glass mosaic tile on the market without skimping on the color range or durability.

Glass tile size: 3/4" x 3/4"
sq.ft./sheet:  1.15