Rainbow Light Assortment

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Colors in blend - Note: Not all bags will have every color listed

A03 Light Blue

A04 Ice Blue

A07 Ice Green

A08 Bright Green

A09 Pastel Blue

A10 Ice Violet

A16 Malt

A19 Ice Violet

A21 Porcelain
A22 Pearl

A33 Iron

A34 Smoke

A35 Cinderblock

A53 Mint Ice

A57 Pale Denim

B54 Mint

B76 Ice Pink

B77 Coral


Glass Tile applications


Suitable for interior and exterior use, walls, countertops, backsplashes, residential floors and pools.




Glass Tile size:  3/4” x 3/4”  
Thickness:  Approx. 1/8”  
Grout joint:  Approx. 1/16” 


Vitreous glass tile advantages

  • Impervious to liquids and vapors
  • Resistant to fading, staining and discoloration
  • Simple to install with standard tools
  • Frost proof
  • Non-flammable
  • Easy to clean


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3/4" x 3/4"
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