Stained Glass

Hakatai Stained glass mosaics have a very beautiful and vivid selection of colors.  With our stained glass tile you can achieve artist creativity with the natural swirls and color transitions within each tile and overall sheet. 

Stained glass tiles allow a vibrant story to be told when supported by natural light or back lighting.  Stained glass tiles has adorned artist pieces for many long years and the art form of working with stained glass continues in present day mosaic art pieces. 

Our color palette covers the basic color wheel and can be special ordered in larger pieces for any project.  Be creative with your glass tile project and utilize some stained glass to give depth of color.


Mesh-mounted for easy installation. Tile is approximately 1/8" thick.


Tile size: approx. 7/8" x 7/8"  |  Sq. ft. per sheet: approx. 0.98


Small swatches cannot fully represent the variability in each sheet; please order a full sheet if you would like a sample. 

Select series solid colors

Please note: Computer monitors vary in how they show color. Photographic lighting can also affect the look of tile. We strongly recommend ordering a sample sheet or swatch card before placing an order.